The idea and design of a mascot for the 2021 Ice Hockey World Championship


IIHF — International Ice Hockey Federation is an international organization that administers ice hockey and inline hockey issues around the world.

In September 2019, the Ice Hockey Federation of Belarus announced a competition to design a mascot for the 2021 Ice Hockey World Championship. More than 100 works from representatives from Belarus and Latvia were claimed the title of the main symbol of the upcoming tournament.


The final evaluation of the work was carried out according to several parameters: graphic performance, correspondence to the theme, creativity of the idea, compliance of the character with the traditions and culture of Belarus and Latvia.

The Spikey the Hedgehog became the winner.

Friendly, smart and quick-minded. He is so wonderful that he became one of the most popular positive characters in the folk tales of Belarus and Latvia. Thanks to his sharp mind and sharp needles, Spiky can easily solve any problem and beat the opponent.


In honor of the championship, Latvijas pasts has issued a special postage stamp. The circulation of the stamp will be 50 thousand copies, and the cost — 1.71 euros.




Art director

Roma Shulyak

Project manager

Nikita Ustinovich,

Gosha Savelyev

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